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Considering The Placement Of Breast Implants

When considering breast augmentation, it’s important to weigh your options. Which cup size do you find most appealing? What type of implant is best for you? These are examples of great questions you can ask your cosmetic surgeon at the time of your consultation, but you should also consider the placement of your implants.

When faced with choosing breast implant placement, there are two options: sub-glandular and sub-muscular. Sub-glandular placement puts the implant between your breast tissue and your chest muscle. This procedure is usually less invasive and is associated with a faster recovery time and less pain. If necessary, sub-glandular placement makes implants easier to access in the event you need breast surgery revision. You may be able to see and feel the implants more easily through your skin if you choose sub-glandular placement.

Sub-muscular placement puts breast implants beneath part of your chest muscle. Since this technique involves placement of the implants under the pectoralis chest muscle, a slightly longer recovery may be required. Your implants may be less palpable, and this location may reduce the risk for capsular contracture. In addition, your breasts may be easier to check during mammograms.

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