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Breast Augmentation: Separating Fact From Fiction

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The vast amount of information available online makes it easy for misconceptions and falsehoods about breast augmentation to spread. It’s important to gather your information from a trusted source. The following are a few common misconceptions about breast augmentation:

Q: Will breast implants rupture if you fly in an airplane?

A: No. In 2009, a story made news headlines by implying a woman’s breast implants exploded while she was on a flight from Moscow to Los Angeles. However, doctors were quick to point out that the plane may not have been the reason for the damage. Breast implants exploding on planes is an urban myth. In fact, the show MythBusters even investigated this myth -- and busted it -- in episode 2 of their 2003 season on Discovery Channel.

Q: Can you breastfeed after a breast augmentation?

A: Most likely, yes. Every person is unique, but in general, women are indeed able to breastfeed after getting implants. Each person is affected by breast augmentation differently, including changes in nipple sensitivity. The bottom line is that you won’t know for sure if breastfeeding is possible until you try. Contrary to what you may hear, odds are that, yes, you can safely breastfeed after a breast augmentation procedure.

Q: Do you have to replace breast implants every 10 years?

A: No. It’s possible your implants will never have to be replaced. It’s also possible you’ll want to have them replaced after several years. The durability of your implants will depend on the type of breast augmentation you choose, as well as changes that might occur in your body. As you age and your body changes, especially if you have a major weight fluctuation, it’s possible that the changes will affect the way your implants fit with your body. There is no guarantee that your implants will last forever, but there is also definitely no rule that requires a replacement every 10 years.

Q: How often do breast implants leak or rupture?

A: Not often. Typically, a rupture would be caused by a surgical error or fall. Should an implant start leaking, your cosmetic surgeon will be able to rectify the issue with another procedure.

Q: Can you be physically active with breast implants?

A: Absolutely. It’s important to give yourself time for recovery after your breast augmentation procedure. But after your doctor gives you clearance, anything is fair game. There might be an adjustment period for you as you get used to your new breasts, but other than that, there are no limitations when it comes to physical activity. Your implants aren’t going to rupture because you work up a good sweat playing soccer!

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