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You Have Lost The Weight - What Do You Do With The Saggy Skin

As August becomes September, and the Halloween candies (already!) start taking over entire aisles at the grocery store, it becomes more and more clear: summer is winding down. Of course, that timeline differs depending on where you live. Here in Northern California, we’ve still got plenty of upper 70s,lower 80s to look forward to. That also means it’s not too late to take advantage of the summertime and commit (or recommit) to an exercise routine. No matter how you opt to strive for a better body, a trimmer physique, or simply to lose a few pounds, diet and exercise should be a part of it. However, there is the possibility that after autumn rolls into the Bay Area, after your exercise has led to a lower number on the bathroom scale… there might still be some unwelcome signs of that now absent excess fat on your body. Then what?

Let’s start with the exercise. “Start” being the key word. No matter where you’re starting, whether it be from scratch or from a place where you’ve got a routine but you’re looking to ramp it up, the most important part of the equation is committing. Fitness trainer Joe Decker lays out a Monday thru Friday outline for a workout routine here. Monday’s bodyweight calisthenics; Tuesday is about hills and stairs; Wednesday equals dumbbells; Thursday’s running day; Friday is a combo platter of Monday and Wednesday. In the end, though, Decker writes: “Take ownership of it. Make it yours.” Muscle and Fitness’ website offers another 5-day outline for an exercise routine, dubbed a “full-body workout routine.”

The number of routes, styles, routines, tips, and amount of general fitness information available to you on the Internet is, well, there’s a lot. Whatever you’ve got in mind, there’s relevant advice for you online. Heck, even if you’d prefer to get all your workout tips and motivation from Pinterest, you can!

Now, hypothetical situation: You’ve maximized the sunshine and gotten into a regular workout routine. But now the sun’s not around as much, and neither are several of those extra pounds you were looking to dump — yet you look in the mirror and can’t help but notice excess, loose, saggy skin. What gives! Unfortunately, this kind of hypothetical situation isn’t exactly rare. The bad news is that there isn’t really any magic trick or special exercise that is going to make that excess skin disappear. It’s there for any number of reasons (age, amount of weight lost, heredity, smoking habits, etc.), and if the weight is gone but the skin has stuck around, that’s just how it is. The good news is that you do have options for how to deal with it, and it can be dealt with.

Chances are, at least in this summer-workout scenario, that you are in fact a good candidate for cosmetic surgery to address that flabby skin. This is because the factors that go into that question are things like weight trend (are you at a stage where your weight is stable?), overall health, nutrition, smoking history, and realistic goals for the procedure. If you’ve been working out, have lost the weight already, and are stumped by the excess skin left behind — you probably already come down on the right side of the ledger on those questions. The last one — realistic goals for the procedure — is the one we can help with the most easily, too. At GLOW Surgical Arts in Redwood City, California, we always cover every step of the procedure from start to finish with our patients before any decisions are even made. That will include an honest discussion about what kind of results you can expect should you opt for a cosmetic procedure. And by the way, a consultation with a GLOW cosmetic surgeon is free and comes with no obligation.

So, what exactly are your cosmetic procedure options to deal with that skin that has refused to leave your body with the pounds you’ve shed? A tummy tuck can help you put the finishing, flattening touches on your stomach. You did your part with the weight loss the hard way, the tummy tuck allows your GLOW cosmetic surgeon to push you over the finish line and leave you with a toned abdomen (which you earned through exercise) without the excess, saggy skin (which the tummy tuck removes). The same principals apply to a breast lift, and of course there is always liposuction, which can be used to improve the contour of just about any problem area on your body.

You’ve got options! Even as summer comes to a finish, and even if you haven’t yet decided to commit to a workout routine, you’ve got options and can start that process anytime (like today!). And even if you’ve been working out already, have already lost the extra pounds, but find yourself staring at loose and saggy skin in the mirror, you’ve got options there too. And when you get to that point — we are here to help you. Call (650) 241-2209 or click here to schedule a free, no obligation consolation with a GLOW cosmetic surgeon any time.