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Cosmetic Surgery - A Lot To Think About!

With any big, life altering decision, the first step is simply acknowledging, “Yes, I’m thinking about it.” Really, that goes for just about anything, right? photodune-6754908-maybe-xsA road trip across America – thinking about it. Proposing to your would-be better half – thinking about it. Taking a new job – thinking about it. The first part of any decision is pondering whether or not it actually makes sense. That goes for choosing to have a cosmetic procedure or surgery, as well. So! You’re thinking about it. Thinking about whether or not a cosmetic procedure makes sense for you.

Now what?

There is plenty to consider:

Expectations – First of all, it’s important for both you and your GLOW cosmetic surgeon that your expectations are understood. You need to be able to express what they are, and your GLOW cosmetic surgeon needs to be able to understand them and provide feedback. For the most part, what this means is that you shouldn’t be of the mindset that after your procedure is done, you’ll be a movie star. Automatically. Everything will be perfect! Cosmetic procedures can have wonderfully dramatic impacts on your body, self-image and life in general… but it’s not a magic cure-all wand, either. This part of the process, by the way, will be covered during your free, no-obligation consultation with one of our cosmetic surgeons. It’s crucial that surgeon and patient be on the same page throughout the process, and we make sure that happens at GLOW Surgical Arts.

Are you “in crisis”? If so, now might not be the time to be tackling such a big decision. In many ways, this ties into understanding expectations. In general, though, it is probably a bad idea to make a final decision on getting any sort of cosmetic work done if you’re, for example, going through a divorce, dealing with the death of a loved one, recently lost your job, or whatever else might have happened to potentially put you in a delicate emotional state. Working through any personal crisis first is the better play.

Cost – Of course cost is a consideration. Most cosmetic procedures and surgeries are not going to be covered by insurance. There is a wide range of cost depending on what procedures you’re considering, and, again, this is something you can discuss with a GLOW cosmetic surgeon before ever having to make any sort of final decision.

Risks – Every cosmetic procedure, whether it’s non-invasive or involves going under the knife (surgery), comes with risks. That is not a secret, and the truth is that at GLOW Surgical Arts we only offer the types of procedures that are the safest available. Plus, as the patient, should you choose to move forward with a cosmetic procedure, you get to do so with the knowledge that your GLOW cosmetic surgeon is an expert in her field. We don’t offer any procedures that we aren’t completely and meticulously prepared for. Yes, there are risks to be aware of with each procedure. And yes, we are happy to discuss them all with you in detail!

Good health – Believe it or not, whether or not a patient is a good candidate for a cosmetic procedure has a lot to do with if she is already in good health. Some health problems (diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease) might mean a cosmetic procedure is not in the cards for you. Not right now. The same goes for if you drink a lot of alcohol or smoke. None of these things disqualify you forever from cosmetic surgery, but your timeline could very well be affected. As with everything else, it’s imperative that you and your GLOW cosmetic surgeon have an honest discussion about your health before moving forward.

You’re thinking about it. That’s the first step. We can help you with the rest of it. Every step of the way. And the consult with one of our GLOW cosmetic surgeons in Redwood City is free! Call (650) 241-2209 or schedule online today.