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Men And Cosmetic Surgery - A Growing Trend

Some things are associated more with men than women, and vice versa. Without veering down That’s Sexist Avenue, let’s just admit that to be the case. Examples? Okay, who do you think of when you talk about watching football on Sundays. Him. There are plenty of “hers” that watch football on Sundays, too, but the natural assumption initially is “football on Sunday” = him. Conversely, sticking with TV watching habits, if one is looking for a recap of the immensely popular “The Bachelor” franchise, it’s going to be “her” that’s turned to first. Just like with football, both sexes watch “The Bachelor,” but the assumption out of the gate is that she is a better bet for info than he is. Fair? Now, when it comes to discussing and considering cosmetic procedures, the automatic association tends to be with her. Not him. Gentlemen, we’re here to tell you it’s okay for you to talk about — and consider — cosmetic procedures, too. You can watch “The Bachelor” and you can think about cosmetic surgery, too. It’s okay!

After all, men, it’s not just women that are under cultural pressure today to maintain a youthful, fit appearance. By the way, if you — as a man — have caught yourself thinking about what type of cosmetic procedure might make sense for you… there is no need to feel weird about that. From 1997 to 2012, cosmetic procedures for men increased by more than 106%.

That is not an insignificant increase. 2012 data also shows men tend to veer toward five specific procedures: nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast reduction, and facelifts. Botox and chemical peels are among the most popular minimally-invasive procedures for the gents.

That’s some of what men today are looking at when they choose to undergo cosmetic procedures. One of the obvious motivations is the desire to maintain or recapture a youthful look. To trim down the appearance of an area of the body. To rejuvenate. Those are all fairly standard motivations. There are other factors at play, too. While, in general, men have been slower than women to consider cosmetic procedures as a means to improve body and self-image, the corporate world hasn’t necessarily waited to apply the same cosmetic standards to men as women. In other words, men, whether you like it or not, image matters. And as men have had to start accepting that reality since the 2008 economic recession, cosmetic procedures have lost much of their taboo. If the folks giving the interviews care about your appearance, and you want to compete in the job marketplace, you have to care, too.

With that in mind, that four “types” of men have been identified in the cosmetic procedure

  • The male model:. If a man is thinking about things like accentuating his abdominal muscles, reshaping his jawline, or improving the way his buttocks look… he likely falls into this group.
  • The body builder:. As the name implies, it’s about looking more muscular. The types of procedures this group prefers are similar to the male model group, but the idea is more about going bigger as opposed to more defined, trimmed.
  • The CEO/board member:. Typically, men in this group are in the prime of their respective careers. They feel young and confident, but perhaps don’t look it. So, the aim is to rejuvenate and regain that youthful appearance. Things like wrinkles are the target — and the procedures desired include liposuction and eyelifts.
  • The athletic dad:. There’s the “mommy makeover,” so why can’t Dad have his version? He can! Men in this group tend to be in their 40s. Married. Kids. And now the “I used to look great in college” thought has started to pop up. Jawline recontouring, liposuction, small eyelifts are all popular for this group.

Those are, of course, just broad groups with general characteristics. There is no requirement that man must fit neatly into one of them. The point here, men, is that there is no requirement that one must be a female to consider a cosmetic procedure.

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