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5 Warning Signs Your Cosmetic Surgeon Might Not Be Right For You

There are untold numbers of cosmetic surgeons out there, willing to perform surgery on you to make you look the way you dream. You have already done your homework and found surgeons who are qualified to perform cosmetic surgery. Now, you need to find the surgeon who is right for your needs. With these tips, you will know what traits to avoid.

1. Seems Unqualified

There are many types of cosmetic surgery, and each one requires specialized knowledge. Surgeons may be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or they may be members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. But, those certifications do not guarantee that they are qualified to perform this particular type of surgery. When you interview potential surgeons for your business, ask them to demonstrate evidence of training or certifications to perform the exact procedures you want.

2. Personality Clash

You may have heard a great deal about the importance of a doctor’s “bedside manner.” For your cosmetic surgeon, this means that you need to be able to get along and establish a good rapport. Submitting to a surgical procedure requires a great deal of trust on the part of the patient. So, look for surgeons who mesh well with your own personality. If you feel that your surgeon is too abrupt or possibly too chatty, or something else about him or her rubs you the wrong way, look elsewhere.

3. Treated Like a Number

Cosmetic surgery is all about personal service. It is very important that your cosmetic surgeon take the details of your body and your medical history into account, before suggesting any procedure. The moment that you feel like your surgeon is trying to fit your basic needs into a cookie-cutter surgical plan, you need to act. The best cosmetic surgeons listen carefully to you and ask a lot of questions about how you feel, what you want to have done and why, and any parts of your medical history that may limit available procedures.

4. Unheard Concerns

Just as your surgeon should ask you a lot of questions, you must be able to make your individual concerns heard. Every question you ask should be thoroughly answered by the cosmetic surgeon.

Before you commit to a surgeon or procedure, you should know:

  • That the surgeon is qualified to perform the procedure.
  • Your surgeon’s particular experience with this surgery.
  • Why any particular procedure is ideal for your needs.
  • What you can expect from the procedure, anesthetic and recovery.
  • A specific breakdown of the costs you will pay.

Ultimately, you need to feel as if the surgeon has time and expertise to handle all of your concerns. If your doctor dismisses topics or claims not to have time for questions, you should be wary of contracting service.

5. Restricts Transparency

Similar to the surgeon who does not clearly answer your questions is the surgeon who does not offer plenty of proof about his or her skill and experience. Cosmetic surgeons should be more than willing to show you some of their best work in the procedure you are considering.

Ask for several examples of before and after pictures of the surgery you want. Then, ask for patient comments and reviews for a more personal perspective on the service they received. Surgeons who do not offer these basic forms of evidence do not deserve your business.

With a little homework, you can find a cosmetic surgeon who will get along with you and answer all your questions. Weed out potential sources of trouble, and you will be much more satisfied!