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Breast Reduction - Sometimes Bigger Isn't Better!

It might seem counterintuitive at first, but not everyone wants bigger breasts. For some women, in fact, it’s the opposite. Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure available to women who are looking to shrink their breast size rather than increase it. Perhaps the phrase “breast reduction” doesn’t have quite the same sex appeal to it as “breast augmentation,” but the procedure is highly effective and can be quite literally life-changing.

How it works – Your GLOW Surgical Arts cosmetic surgeon makes an incisions on your breasts, allowing for surgical removal of excess skin and tissue. For fatty tissues, liposuction can also be utilized. Once the breast tissue is removed and the incisions closed back up, you’re left with smaller, more attractive breasts.

After the procedure – There will be a period immediately following the procedure where your breasts will be mostly numb, and after the tumescent anesthesia wears off there will most likely be a mild ache. You breast skin might feel tight at first. Some swelling and bruising is normal as well. Any bandages will be removed at your post-procedure visit to the GLOW surgical offices in Redwood City, CA and you’ll be able to resume showering and other light activity after just a couple of days. Back to work within a week of the procedure.

Like with any cosmetic procedure, there are risks with breast reduction surgery. They are, however, minimal. Infection, though, is always a risk. And other than the normal post-procedure swelling and bruising (both temporary), the other side effect to be aware of is scarring. Our GLOW cosmetic surgeons make sure scarring is minimal, but it isn’t totally avoidable. That said, whatever minor scarring there typically fades over time. It’s simply another factor to consider.

Why breast reduction? – Plenty of reasons, and all are valid. Your motivation maybe purely aesthetic. For some women, having “big” breasts can cause embarrassment because they draw too much unwanted attention. Reduction mammoplasty is a safe, effective, permanent way to address that problem.

Additionally, big breasts can cause other problems for women: neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, chronic nerve problems caused by poor posture, cosmetic issues (i.e. scar-like lines in the skin and a persistent bra-strap groove), chronic rashes, and an inability to participate in sports.

You don’t need to look far for a real-life example of breast reduction surgery having a dramatic effect on one woman’s life: Simona Halep, from Romania, finished 2013 as the most improved player on the women’s professional tennis tour. She finished the year ranked 11th in the world and having won more titles than any woman not named Serena Williams. And what does the 22-year-old attribute much of her success to? Breast reduction surgery. For her, it was about the added weight of large breasts and how that hindered her ability comfortably and quickly react on the tennis court.

Ms. Halep’s decision was a personal one.

And that’s key, too. All that matters is you. It’s your body. They’re your breasts. Whatever reasons you might have for an interest in breast reduction surgery, they’re valid. And, you should rest assured knowing that if you do get to the point where the procedure is actually being performed, you and your GLOW cosmetic surgeon will have already discussed in detail every aspect of what’s going to happen. A free, no-obligation consultation is designed to make sure you’re completely at ease and totally involved with exactly how the procedure is going to affect your body and your life. Your reasons for wanting the surgery and your goals for it are what matter to us, and we will do everything we can to make sure the results are exactly what you had in mind.

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