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Choosing The Perfect Breast Implant Size

You have done it. You have decided you want to get breast implants.

Congratulations! You’ve already cleared the toughest mental hurdle you’ll encounter during the entire process. However, there is a key question you still have to answer at this point.

And it’s the question that will go a long way toward determining how you feel about your new breasts after the procedure is done: What size breast implants are right for you?

Unlike a dreaded pop quiz in school, answering that question comes with two convenient features: First, there is no wrong answer. Not really. It’s your body. They will be your implants. So, naturally, the “right” answer is totally up to you. Second, instead of a teacher threatening to fail you, you’ve got a GLOW cosmetic surgeon who will happily help you cheat on the test.

Okay, so the analogy isn’t perfect. The point is that answering the question of what size breast implant is best for you shouldn’t be stressful. Not only will one of our GLOW cosmetic surgeons consult with you every step of the way (schedule your free, no-obligation consultation by clicking here) to help you make a decision you’re comfortable with, but there are several tried and true methods you can put into practice yourself when it comes to choosing the size for your breast implants:

The rice test - To continue with the shaky student comparisons, we all remember the school assignment that required “taking care” of an egg for a week. Well, when choosing a breast implant size, it can be useful to take care of some rice for a bit. The idea is simple: by actually going through your daily routine with “rice implants” of various sizes, you’ll be able to get a true feel for how implants of that size would affect your life. The how is simple, too. All you need to put the rest test to work is a length of pantyhose, the ability to tie a knot, and rice. How much rice to use to simulate what size of implant can be found here.

Look at online photo galleries - The key here is to make sure whatever gallery you’re looking at, whatever model you’re comparing yourself to, make sure she actually somewhat resembles you! You’re who matters, not a stranger in an online gallery. There’s no point to drawing comparisons between you and someone who physically in no way resembles you. Not when you’re making a choice on implant sizes for your body. Your GLOW cosmetic can surgeon can help with this part, too. If you’re both looking at pictures of a woman who somewhat physically resembles you, you’ll both be able to reach a more solid understanding of what your hopes are for your implants. And choosing the right size for you will become much easier.

Ask around - Has a friend or family member gotten breast implants? Consult with them! How did they go about making the choice on size? What would they change about that process? They’ll have advice. There is no harm in hearing it!

Finally, when it comes right down to it, try out various implant sizes at our GLOW Surgical Arts offices in Redwood City. Your cosmetic surgeon can offer you realtime feedback, as can a friend or family member. Ultimately, the choice on breast implant size is about comfort. Your comfort. We will help in every way we can to get you to a point where you’re confident about the choice, but the choice will be yours.

In our hypothetical situation, the most difficult choice - to get breast implants - has already been made. Choosing the right size is just the next stop along the way toward you having breasts that make you feel good.

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