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Tips On Recovering From Breast Augmentation

The moment your breast augmentation surgery is complete, you’ll be entering the recovery phase of your procedure. The way you treat your body throughout recovery is crucial to how your body heals, and how you will look following breast augmentation. Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with complete instructions in regards to the healing and recovery process following surgery, but here’s a full list of tips you can follow to ensure the best possible outcome.

Prepare to get plenty of rest

Your entire body will feel fatigued and sore for several days following breast augmentation, so it’s important that you take steps to ensure you get plenty of rest. Have a stack of books and movies ready, and have healthy foods and meals on hand that won’t take long to prepare.

Inquire about breast massage and exercises

Your breasts may feel especially tight following surgery as a result of your skin adjusting to your new breast size. You may even experience temporary loss of feeling in your breasts and nipples immediately following surgery. Ask your cosmetic surgeon if there are any breast massage techniques or exercises you can do at home to help speed recovery and alleviate pain.

Wear the appropriate style of bra

Your larger breasts may require additional support as they’re going through the healing process. In most cases, your cosmetic surgeon will recommend that you wear a tight-fitting sports bra to support your breasts and prevent them from swaying and moving around. Excess movement in your chest region could trigger bleeding and irritation throughout recovery. Consult with your surgeon to verify the type of bra you should be wearing in the days and weeks post-surgery.

Avoid using your arms and chest

Not only could using your arms and chest result in possible bleeding and irritation, but excess movement could increase your blood pressure and heart rate, which could interfere with your body’s healing process. Have a close friend or family member help you with chores that require lifting throughout recovery, such as laundry, putting away dishes, and carrying small children.

Eat healthy, whole foods

Nutrition will play an important role in recovery after breast augmentation. Eat plenty of healthy whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein, nuts, seeds, and even low-fat dairy products to reap the benefits from nutrients that promote wound healing and boost immune system function. Stay away from fast-food restaurants and avoid consuming processed foods that contain more sugar and additives than actual nutrients.

Keep an eye out for complications

Contact your cosmetic surgeon immediately if you experience any unexpected symptoms or severe pain in the days and weeks following surgery. If your breasts appear deflated or excessively swollen, or if you experience burning sensations, fever, or lumps, you may require immediate medical attention. Your surgeon will provide you with a full list of expectations and symptoms to look out for following breast augmentation.

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