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5 Ways To Prevent Your Breasts From Sagging

One of the most common fears women have as they become older is developing sagging breasts. In your youth, your breasts may be perky, rounded, firm, and full, but as you grow older, your breasts may naturally become loose, soft, and droopy. While a breast lift and breast augmentation are common types of cosmetic surgery procedures that can help correct sagging breasts, there are certain lifestyle behaviors you can adapt that will help maintain the youthful beauty of your breasts.

Here are five ways to prevent your breasts from sagging.

1. Stop smoking

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco products will lead to the breakdown of elastin, which is responsible for giving your skin a youthful, taut appearance. Smoking leads to stretching of the breast tissue, which is why long-term smokers are more likely to have soft, sagging breasts. Quit smoking immediately, and join a smoking cessation program if necessary to help curb your habit and cravings for nicotine.

2. Maintain a stable body weight

Weight gain due to an unhealthy lifestyle that includes poor eating habits and lack of exercise will contribute to sagging breasts, and to the stretching of breast tissue. Some women believe that weight gain from muscle-building leads to sagging breasts, but in truth, muscle-building has no effect on your breast tissue. Weight gain leads to the stretching of your skin and ligaments, and rapid weight loss can cause massive shrinkage -- which will often worsen instances of sagging. Maintain a healthy, consistent body weight by eating foods high in nutrition, cutting out foods high in sugar and sodium, and by exercising on a regular basis.

3. Wear a supportive sports bra

If you exercise and engage in some form of physical activity on a regular basis, you must wear a sports bra on every occasion to prevent your breasts from sagging later on. A snug, supportive sports bra is key to maintaining firmness in your breasts, and can help prevent the skin and ligaments in your breasts from stretching. Activities that cause your breasts to bounce continuously, such as running, can also put more strain on your breasts. Supportive bras are available in different cup sizes, and will often feature adjustable straps and inner seams that fully enclose the bottoms and sides of breasts.

4. Get professionally fitted for a bra

According to Dr Farouzanpour and Rebecca Jennings from plus-sized lingerie company Hips and Curves, 80 percent of all women wear the wrong bra size. However, evidence shows that wearing the right bra size can help keep your breasts perkier long-term. Most major department and lingerie stories such as Nordstrom and Macy’s offer free professional bra fitting services, which means your breasts and cup size can be accurately measured to help you find the perfect bra. If you’ve experienced pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and other major body changes, get fitted as often as needed to make sure you’re wearing the right-sized bra at all times.

5. Protect your breasts from UV rays

Whether you spend time out in the sun or on a tanning bed, exposing your breasts to UV rays can contribute to the breakdown of elastin. Since your breasts are normally kept covered and are paler than the rest of your body, they can burn relatively quickly and increase your risk for wrinkling later in life. Cover your breasts with sunscreen when at the beach or pool, and avoid exposing your breasts to UV rays in a tanning bed at all times.

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