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To Have Cosmetic Surgery Or Not - The Decision Is Yours!

Not in the sense that yours is “better” or matters more than someone else’s, or vice versa – after all, everyone has opinions. And we all like to think our opinion is right. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s not that simple. Maybe it’s about liking or disliking a food, a movie, whatever. And it’s in that realm that opinions are special. Once it is stated that something is an “opinion,” the way others feel about said opinion doesn’t really matter. The opinion belongs to the person who has it. It’s theirs. The decision to get a cosmetic procedure is not unlike an opinion in that regard… it’s yours.

If you have been thinking about the possibility of a cosmetic procedure or surgery, start there: it’s up to you. And only you.

As for how you arrive at the best decision for you? There are certainly several aspects to consider, and questions you should ask yourself. But again, the key there is the last part of that sentence – questions you should ask yourself. Some of what you might want to consider:

What is your motivation for considering a cosmetic procedure? Are you thinking about changing or enhancing a part of your face or body because it’s what you want? Or are you considering a change because of what you perceive others to think about the way you look?It seems obvious, but it can’t be repeated or emphasized enough – what others think, or what you perceive others to think, should not factor into your decision. Everything about the choice to have a cosmetic procedure – or not – should be about what you want. Nobody else matters.

What are your expectations and goals for the cosmetic procedure you’re considering? Most importantly, are those expectations realistic? Again, it may seem obvious, but it’s critical that a person thinking about this choice is honest with herself. If you’re harboring some sort of inkling, however small, that changing your nose’s shape might lead to being on Hollywood’s A-list… that, obviously, is not realistic. That’s a dramatic example of an unrealistic expectation, of course, but the point is a person considering cosmetic surgery needs to understand what exactly she is hoping to get out of her procedure.

There are countless folks – Dr. Phil included – who are ready to caution you against choosing a cosmetic procedure under any circumstances. Their reasons are perfectly valid, and there’s no harm in taking your time in making a choice and considering the decision from top to bottom. You should do that, in fact. However, Dr. Phil and the masses aren’t you. And they don’t get to choose for you. They don’t get to tell you what to watch on Netflix and they don’t get to choose for you on whether or not to have cosmetic surgery.

At GLOW Surgical Arts in Redwood City, we won’t tell you what to decide. We whole-heartedly believe that choice is a deeply personal one. What we will offer is help along the way. Regardless of what friends or family members or significant others might think or say to you about your decision process when it comes to cosmetic procedures, part of the process at GLOW will include talking with one of our cosmetic surgeons. That conversation can happen anytime you like ((650) 241-2209), for free and with no obligation. Our goal is to help you arrive at the best decision for you. And should you decide to move forward with a cosmetic procure, our job then becomes to help you achieve the goals you have for your new, improved body and self-image.

The decision whether or not to pursue a cosmetic procedure, though, is yours and yours alone. At GLOW, we respect that process completely. It’s your body. It’s your life. And it’s your decision.