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Buttock Lift - Fix A Sagging Bottom

Sometimes, it simply doesn'’t matter how much good work you have put in. It doesn'’t matter how dramatically you have changed your diet for the better. More exercise and a healthier diet can and will absolutely have positive impacts on your life and on your body, but what buttock lift happens when after you’'ve lost a massive amount of weight, you'’re stuck with unsightly around your lower back and buttock area? What then? The exercise and diet have already worked. The weight is gone. And yet, the loose skin serves as a constant reminder of the body you'’re trying to leave behind. Now what?

The answer might be a buttock lift procedure (gluteoplasty).

To understand why this cosmetic procedure might be the best option for you, it'’s important to understand why your body seems to be refusing to join you in glorious celebration of all that lost weight. Logically, it doesn’'t make a whole lot of sense. You lose weight, you should lose the skin too! Often, that actually is the case. If you'’re losing small or moderate amounts of weight, your skin shrinks back to fit your body'’s new size. No problem, thanks to its elasticity. Collagen, a protein in the skin, gives it that property. However, there are limits to what collagen can do. In cases of rapid, massive weight loss, the weight change outpaces the collagen production in the skin, causing overstretching. If you have lost a significant amount of weight very quickly, this is the reason you could very well find yourself with folds of extra skin simply left over from your heavier days.

Again, you'’ve done all the heavy lifting. Literally. Your diet is healthier and your lifestyle is, too. You have done everything right, but your body just isn'’t able to fully reward your efforts. It'’s at this point where a buttock lift procedure can be extremely beneficial in helping you fully achieve your goal. A buttock lift procedure will remove that excess skin, finally allowing you to see the improved body image you hoped to see after losing so much weight.

Chances are you are a good candidate for a buttock lift procedure. As long as you’re a non-smoker, in generally good health and are currently at a steady weight, the procedure is an option for you. It’s also important to have realistic expectations and understand there are some things to consider before any surgery is performed. These topics, of course, are not things you’re expected to just inherently know and be knowledgeable about. On the contrary. Before any decision is made – by you – one of our GLOW cosmetic surgeons will go over the entire procedure with you. What it entails for you pre-procedure, what happens during (the excess skin is surgically removed via incisions, which are closed with sutures after the procedure is complete), and what kind of process is involved post-procedure. Additionally, any questions or concerns, no matter how broad or specific, will be covered during a free, no obligation consultation at our Redwood City cosmetic surgery clinic.

Should you opt to move forward with the procedure, we’ll walk you through every step in the process. For example, a buttock lift procedure does require significant recovery time. It’s best not to sit for prolonged periods for about a week following the procedure, and while most patients return to work within two weeks, strenuous activity should be avoided for at least a month. The good news is that at about this time (a month after the procedure), you’ll start to be able to see your permanently improved body contours. The exact recovery process will depend greatly on you and your lifestyle, but no matter what timeframe you and your GLOW cosmetic surgeon settle on for your recovery, you’ll need to plan for a significant interruption of your calendar. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks, too. Among them: scarring, blood clots and temporary change of skin sensation.

What matters is you. You deserve to feel good about losing weight. Loose, saggy skin around your lower back and buttocks makes that very difficult. A buttock lift procedure could very well provide that final push over the finish line and be all that’s left between you and a dramatically improved self-image. At GLOW, our goal is simply to help get you there.

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