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Mommy Makeover : Get Your Body Back!

It’s something men don’t have to worry about, and it’s something men might not even be able to fully understand. Women who have had a child know just how much of a toll childbirth has on the body, let alone multiple childbirths. When it comes time to try and get that pre-baby body back, every woman is unique. Some bounce back quickly with relative ease. Others don’t. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a mother to diet and exercise postpartum in an effort to regain their physique, and not be able to quite get there. Maybe the breasts just don’t bounce back quite right. Maybe there’s saggy skin around the abdomen that won’t go away. These are some of the reasons that “mommy makeovers” are on the rise in the United States. More and more mothers are refusing to accept the negative effects of childbirth on their bodies and are working with their cosmetic surgeons to help them re-achieve pre-baby physique. And why not?

Mommy makeovers are generally an option for women who are done having babies. They’re at a “normal” weight, and have adopted healthy lifestyle habits. It’s also important that a woman interested in a mommy makeover has the ability to take the appropriate amount of time off to recover, depending on how many procedures she chooses to make part of the makeover. A pre-procedure, no obligation consultation with one of our GLOW Surgical Arts cosmetic surgeons will help you determine if you’re a good candidate for a mommy makeover, as well as come up with a game plan for which procedures make the most sense. Among the options:

Breast implants, with or without a lift, or just a lift by itself – Again, every woman’s body is different. Some women experience their breasts becoming larger after childbirth. Some women find that their breasts return to the same size they were before childbirth, especially if they’re able to return to pre-baby body weight. Some women, though, suffer from stretched skin and consequently smaller breasts after childbirth. If your body puts you in the last category, implants and/or a breast lift could very well get you back to where you want to be with your breasts. Whether it’s a lift alone that might work for you, or an augmentation on its own or a combination of both, your trusted cosmetic surgeon will help you determine the right choice for you.

Tummy tuck – It isn’t just mothers who seem to be in a never ending battle for an abdomen to be proud of. Still, mothers face a unique set of circumstances after childbirth. It could very well be the case that a mother, done having children, is exercising regularly and dieting healthily and yet… the sagging skin around the stomach is a regular unwelcome reminder that she has had kids. A tummy tuck might be the answer. The results of a tummy tuck are relatively permanent, assuming there isn’t any dramatic weight gain or loss in the future and the down-time is likely less then you think.

SmartLipo – Not only is SmartLipo, using high powered laser energy, safer, quicker and less traumatic on the body than traditional liposuction, but it can be used to target multiple areas of the mommy makeover at once. The flanks, abdomen, inner thighs and arms are among the many areas a cosmetic surgeon can target with SmartLipo, which will remove excess fat and help the skin tighten.

For moms who are done having babies and ready to achieve their pre-baby bodies again, a mommy makeover could very well be the answer. It doesn’t have to be multiple procedures, either. If all your body really needs is a little bit of SmartLipo, fantastic. Conversely, if, in order to feel good about your body again, you need a couple of procedures, they can all be done at once (hence the perquisite of having the ability to take off enough time to fully recover). Mommy makeovers are about making mom feel good about her body again. We’re happy to help you figure out if you’re a candidate, and if you are, just what procedures might make up your mommy makeover. If you’d like to start down the road to getting back that pre-baby body, schedule a free, no obligationconsultation today.

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