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Upper Back Liposuction: Get Rid Of The Back Boobs!

The list of unflattering nicknames folks have come up with for areas of the body that have excess fat is long. Too long. There is no need to rehash it in this space. Instead, the focus will be on just one: “back boobs.” If you'’re blissfully unaware of the term, lucky you! If you are intimately aware of what it means, the good news is that there is a straight-forward and effective option for a solution to “back boobs.”

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Typically, when someone thinks about liposuction, the areas of the body that come to mind are the stomach, arms, and the buttocks. The place where “back boobs” appear — the upper back — can and should be added to that list.

How common is excess back fat?

Excess back fat is not an uncommon issue. It’'s not something you have to be embarrassed about and simply accept forever. Back fat, just like other areas of the body, can sometimes prove exceptionally stubborn, no matter what amount of exercise you take up or how healthy of a diet you take on. It’'s quite possible that a simple liposuction procedure might be precisely what your body needs in order to clear that pesky last hurdle toward a new and improved self image.

What kinds of back fat exist?

It'’s important to understand where, specifically, the problem area is on your back. There are five unique areas on the back where excess fat might collect:

  • Infra-scapular fat — Above the waist, below the shoulder blades (typically the unsightly fat that bulges below the bra strap).
  • Posterior axillary fat — Upper-outer back near the armpit.
  • Posterior waist fat — Above the posterior to the hips.
  • Lumbo-sacral fat pad — In midline of the lower back, just above the tailbone.
  • Buffalo hump — Consists of fat located on the upper back near the neck.
  • "Back boobs" result from excess fat in the infra-scapular and posterior axillary regions.

How can I resolve upper back fat?

Fat in any of the five areas are addressable with liposuction. As with any type of liposuction for any part of the body, whether or not you’re a good candidate for upper back liposuction will depend on numerous factors that are totally dependent on you. If you’ve already lost a significant amount of weight, for example, the options available to your cosmetic surgeon will differ from the options available for a patient that is at or near her maximum weight.

These variables are part of the reason that GLOW Surgical Arts offers a pre-procedure, free, no-obligation consultation with one of our cosmetic surgeons. During this sit-down at our clinic, you and your cosmetic surgeon can discuss which procedures might be the best fit.

Am I a good candidate to have liposuction on my back?

In general, upper back liposuction is a good option for patients who are already in relatively good health. The diet has already been improved, and exercise is already part of the routine. There are no pre-existing conditions and no active diseases. It just happens that, despite all of the above, the excess fat in your back is refusing to go away.

Chances are, we can help. At GLOW, we offer both power assisted liposuction (PALS) and laser assisted liposuction (SmartLipo) techniques. We chose these two techniques because both reduce the surgical trauma associated with traditional liposuction and allow for removal of larger quantities of fat while simultaneously maintaining proper body contours, and we’ll work with you to determine which technique makes the most sense for your body.

If you find yourself dealing with excess back fat and at a loss as to how to get your body to cooperate in getting rid of it, schedule a no-obligation consultation today. We can help you get rid of those “back boobs” once and for all.