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The Brazilian Butt Lift - One Way To A Better Backside

There probably aren’'t too many of us who can say we are completely satisfied with how our butt looks. I regularly have patients tell me “I wish my butt was perkier, curvier, bubblier (you get the picture). Even if you exercise regularly and have a butt that most folks would describe as fit, toned and tight, you still may be hopoing to improve it a little bit more. A simple cosmetic procedure, commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, just might be the answer.

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are celebrities known for having ample of curve to their buttock or as some like to say "junk in the trunk". And though their look maybe a bit extreme for many women, there is no denying having a little “bubble” to your butt has become more desirable than ever. A simple and straightforward procedure that addresses your desire for a perkier, curvier backside is the Brazilian Butt Lift. You can think of a Brazilian Butt Lift as an extension of liposuction in which fat is first gathered and then transferred to your buttock. Essentially a cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat using liposuction from one part of your body (for instance your abdomen) and injects or transfers it into your buttocks using small blunt cannulae. A series of these injections results in a curvier, more youthful buttocks and often a little more sex appeal. The Brazillian Butt Lift procedure is easiliy tolerated, safe and effective. The final result is doubly stunning as your body is being improved on two fronts: excess fat is being removed from one area, and it’s being put to good use in improving the look of your buttocks.

Brazilian butt lift isn’t the only way to change the contour or your buttocks. Another option for reshaping the buttocks is placing silicone implants. Very lean individuals, such as weightlifters, may not have enough body fat to work with for the Brazilian butt lift procedure. In these individuals buttock implants may be the only option to give their rear ends a more balanced look. Because placing buttock implants is significantly more invasive, involving incising into the tailbone muscles, creating a pocket for the implant and implant placement,

is lengthier and the post procedure management is more complex than for a Brazilian Butt Lift. There is also an increased risk for infection that doesn’t factor in to the less invasive Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. In reality, it is the rare patient, no matter how thin< that doesn't have enough fat to undergo the less-invasive and safer Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Who doesn't want to look better in a pair of snug fitting jeans. The good news is a curvier, fuller butt is absolutely attainable. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a safe, simple, long lasting procedure that allows you to be back at work within about a week. Not sure what makes sense for your buttock? A complimentary consultation with a GLOW cosmetic surgeon will help you decide what option is best for you.

Patient before Brazilian Butt Lift Patient After Brazilian Butt Lift

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