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Goodbye (And Good Riddance) To Saggy, Flabby Arms!

Just when you thought you could hide those saggy arms until next summer, the holiday season arrives with all that arm baring holiday fashion! Who wants to cover up the sexy party dress you work so hard to get into with a jacket. Flabby, sagging arms are not fun or festive. Not if you have them and can’t seem to get rid of them. And for many, that is precisely where the frustration mounts. That loose, saggy skin under your arms can be stubborn. It seems to be impervious to diet and exercise, so… now what?

Let’s start with the diet and exercise part of things. As a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to make your diet healthier and increase the amount of exercise in your routine. It’ll be good for your health and, in general, good for your body and self-image as well. It just so happens that the skin under your arms is one of those inconveniences of life that has big time staying power.

What it comes down to in the end is elasticity. And some of that is going to be out of your hands. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. It’s just another “feature” of getting older. Genetics factor in as well. If you have noticed your mom, dad, or grandparents with saggy arms, guess what? Your own odds are increased. If you find yourself at a point where you’re eating healthy and exercising regularly and seeing the results you like in the mirror everywhere but that loose skin under your arms, you’re not alone.

One cosmetic procedure available to you to deal with that saggy arm skin is laser liposuction. At GLOW Surgical Arts, we use Smartlipo body sculpting, a minimally invasive option for the permanent removal of unwanted fat. A high-powered laser destroys the excess fat cells, while simultaneously stimulating skin tightening. The Smartlipo technique also decreases downtime and increases the recovery rate as compared to traditional lipo. Usually, only one procedure is needed and the results are long lasting, especially if there are no major weight gains post procedure. You’ll see improvements in your arms within a couple of days, and the improvements will continue for several months. Keep in mind that adults do not create new fat cells, so the Smartlipo option is essentially permanent. Whether your underarms and the current elasticity of your skin are a good match for Smartlipo is something you and your GLOW cosmetic surgeon will discuss and determine before any procedure takes place.

If it turns out that you aren’t an ideal candidate for Smartlipo, most likely because your skin has lost too much of its elasticity to properly capitalize on the procedure, Brachioplasty could be the perfect alternative. More commonly known as an “arm lift,” this procedure allows your cosmetic surgeon to remove the excess skin itself in addition to the excess fat. A GLOW cosmetic surgeon then carefully closes the incision, dresses the area and fits a recovery garment. An arm lift does result in a scar, but your surgeon will make sure it’s on the inside of the arm and therefore less visible. Swelling and bruising may also occur, but both usually resolve within days. Timing the procedure and fitting it into your life is crucial, as the recovery is somewhat more extensive than Smartlipo. The triceps muscle will need to be given time to recover, and not stressed too much, for example, as you heal. Scheduling is important. Of course, so is your self-image, and if you’ve lost so much elasticity in your under arm skin that the sagging is blocking you from liking the way your body looks, an arm lift procedure could very well be the solution.

Sagging arms are more than a seasonal inconvenience. If you’re dealing with them, you already know that. Diet and exercise aren’t always enough when it comes to that loose skin under your arms, but don’t get frustrated! We can help you get rid of that excess fat and skin. There is an answer to that drooping skin problem, and we’ll help you figure out which answer makes the most sense for you. Take the first step toward ridding yourself of that annoying saggy underarm skin by scheduling a free, no obligation consultation with a GLOW cosmetic surgeon today. Who knows, once the sagging arms are no longer your problem, may even go strapless at next years holiday party!

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