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Botox And Dermal Fillers ...For...Men?

When Botox or dermal fillers, or really any variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, are brought upthe assumption is that the person contemplating getting such a procedure is a woman. That is simply the association most will automatically make, and the numbers generally support that notion. Most cosmetic surgeries are performed on women. However, it might not be as big of a gap as you think.

As of last year, 1 in every 8 cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S. wereperformed on males. And why not? There is certainly no rule that says men can’t utilize cosmetic procedures to maintain a youthful appearance and continue to feel good about their self image as they age, just like women do. The goal is the same: to be able to look into the mirror and feel good about the reflection staring back at you, no matter your age. The procedures are just as effective and safe on males as they are on females.

In particular, Botox and dermal fillers are gaining popularity amongst men. Botox has even been dubbed with a nickname: Bro-tox. More and more men are putting Botox to use on their own faces, more than 300,000 in 2011, a 10 percent increase from 2010. The typical male patient may have noticed an increase in facial lines or wrinkles himself or is increasingly asked if he is tired or angry. Either way he is ready to address the problem but not ready for invasive surgery. Botox provides a minimally invasive, low risk solution.

Though more then 20% of men asked in a recent survey state they would consider using botox they often do not follow through. Frequently it is the special lady in a man’s life that gets him to the surgeon's office. Gift cards are an increasingly popular means for a woman to encourage him to try Botox though many men make that decision on their own. Regardless of the means there is no denying the number of men that have turned to Botox as a way to address crow’s feet and facial wrinkles is certainly on the rise.

Dermal fillers are used to restore volume and soften facial lines and wrinkles. The nasolabial folds, the crease that runs from the lower nose to the corner of the mouth, frequently deepens and becomes more prominent with age and is a popular area for dermal filler among male patients. Men often require more volume restoration then female patients and as a result, there might be differences in the makeup of the filler used for a man. What or how much filler is not anything a male patient has to worry about or figure out on his own though. Just as with any cosmetic procedure, for man or woman, a cosmetic surgeon and the patient will figure out together what the best course of action is.

It’s not just women that see the signs of aging in their faces and don’t like it. Men, while they might not be as open about it, see the wrinkles and folds getting more prominent in their own faces as they age, too. Perhaps it’s a little tougher for males to decide they want to do something as un-macho as getting Botox or dermal fillers, but more and more American men are making that choice. Macho or not, gentlemen, if you’re curious about how Botox or dermal fillers might improve your self image, schedule your free consultation with a GLOW cosmetic surgeon today. We’ll help you determine if you’re a good candidate, and if you are, what kind of results you can expect.

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