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Breast Augmentation Basics - Just Thinking About It.

We get a lot of calls, emails, and visits related to breast augmentation, and spend a good deal of time educating folks on this topic. At GLOW, we love helping our clients sort through options, and there is a lot to think about when it comes to breast augmentation.

Because of this, I thought it would be nice to put together a series of posts entitled Breast Augmentation Basics. This occasional series (final number yet to be determined!) will cover the process from beginning to end. We'll talk about what you might think about when just getting started, the consultation process, types of implants, sizing, the procedure itself, the recovery period, and things to think about after breast augmentation.

Let's get started with the very beginning, when you are just thinking about it. This may be the most important part of the whole process, and it's a great time to begin gathering information and educating yourself. There will be time to consider the size, type, and location of the implants, where to consult, and which surgeon to choose. Right now, the focus is on why.

What got you thinking about breast augmentation? Is it something you've been considering 'forever?' Are you a little self-conscious about your appearance and size, and just want to feel more confident and comfortable? Did you have a friend get breast augmentation, and now you want to do it for yourself? Maybe there is a difference in size and shape from one side to the other, or perhaps you want to look better in clothes. Maybe you feel pressure to get implants from someone close to you?

Understanding how and why you got to the point of seriously considering breast augmentation is important. This is a personal matter, and it will affect the way you look, and how you feel about your body. It should not be an impulsive decision, and there is no harm in thinking about it, and then thinking some more. The old adage to 'sleep on it' certainly applies here.

Try writing down the reasons you want breast augmentation - this will help you sort through your thoughts and motivations. Remember that there are no absolutely right or wrong answers here. One key point, though: You have to want to do it for yourself. Doing it for someone else is probably not a good idea.

This process may be brief, or it may take a while. Don't skip it, though. Understanding your reasons will help you along the way. In fact, you may decide that you really don't want breast implants, or that now is not the right time. That's an okay outcome - we'll still be here at GLOW should you change your mind!