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Breast Augmentation Basics - Research And Education

In our last post on this series on breast augmentation, we talked about the importance of understanding why you would want to do this procedure. There is really no correct answer here - it's more about knowing why you, personally, want to have breast augmentation. It is a personal decision, and changes will be made to your body, so you do want to understand and accept your rationale.

Let's assume you've made up your mind to explore your options for next steps. You should be able to gather a great deal of information on how to proceed without going too far!

Do you have friends or family members, or even co-workers, that have had the procedure? If so, they may be able to answer some key questions for you, provide feedback on the entire process, including recovery, or make a recommendation on which surgeon to visit. You might be surprised about you'll learn during these conversations. Once you start putting some feelers out there, you may even be surprised about who has had breast augmentation!

Starting with personal relationships is a good idea, but if that doesn't entirely meet your needs, you can visit online forums and discussion groups and engage others who are considering, or have recently undergone, breast augmentation. You may need to sort through the information to get consistent information, but it can be a worthwhile source of information.

You can also visit websites of local surgeons (like ours), visit sites oriented toward breast augmentation education, or visit the sites of breast implant manufacturers.

What you are trying to do here is piece together the information you'll need before you have your consultation. You should have some idea about the procedure, the types of implants available, the recovery, and why you are consulting with a specific surgeon. This will enable you to have a more fruitful learning experience during your consultation(s), and should lead to better informed decision making.

Take notes as you do your research, and break it down into categories if necessary: implant type, procedure type, surgeon(s), pre-procedure considerations, post-procedure recovery, special circumstances, etc. A thoughtful approach to information gathering should yield the answers to most of your questions, and you will find yourself better educated, and prepared, as you move forward with breast augmentation.

We'll talk about the consultation process next time. Until then, don't hesitate to touch base with any questions or comments. We are here for you!