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Smartlipo For Muffin Tops, Love Handles, And Spare Tires

We're amused at the number of food analogies used to describe body areas: banana rolls, chicken cutlets, and rolls, to name a few. I particularly like "muffin top," that descriptive phrase attributed to the midsection that squeezes out of a snug (perhaps too snug…..) pair or jeans. You also have spare tires, love handles, bat wings, beer bellies, pooches, and bra rolls. The list goes on, as does our struggle to make these body areas just a little less noticeable.

Now that Summer is here, we're thinking of slowing down, vacation time, spending time on or near the water, and just having fun. You may have a special trip planned, or an upcoming wedding, and you want to look your best. Why not commit to finally getting closer to the look, and feel, you've wanted when clothed or otherwise?

There is no substitute for consistent, sustainable movement (otherwise known as exercise). We tell just about anyone who will listen that this does not have to be painful, boring, or stressful. It can be as simple as walking. How easy is that? Just walking 30 minutes three to four times a week will bring about noticeable changes in your energy levels, your overall fitness, and your underlying health. Overall weight and body composition are related to energy in (food calories taken in by mouth) and energy out (calories burned to sustain your physical machine). Why not walk, alone or with company, outside, and enjoy the relaxation and health benefits that naturally follow?

We'll cover food and nutrition in more detail later, but we can all find ways to simplify and improve our food choices. Try eating out less, using less processed or prepared foods, and avoiding fast food and high calorie sodas. Make a trip to the local farmers market, and load up on all the wonderful fruits and vegetables that are coming into season. Explore new recipes that are easy, delicious, and that call for real food ingredients.

You still may have unwanted areas of fat that just don't respond, though. For these areas, Smartlipo liposuction may be an excellent choice. Stubborn belly, flank, inner thigh, upper back, and arm fat may hang on long after you've made smart choices about nutrition and movement. We've had great success with a number of folks that simply wanted to focus on remaining trouble spots after adopting sustainable lifestyle changes. Check out our before and after photos to see for yourself.

At GLOW, we do everything we can to make this simple and easy. We offer free, no pressure and no obligation consultations, convenient scheduling options, and a team dedicated to helping you meet your goals. Our technique allows you to have Smartlipo liposuction on your areas of concern, recover in the comfort of your own home, and get back to most of your regular activities, including work, in just a few days.

Check out our special offer to learn more about why now might be a great time to have Smartlipo liposuction. As always, you can always contact us with any questions or comments.

By the way, let us know of some of your favorite slang terms for those problem areas! We're always up for learning something new.

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