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Cosmetic Surgery Before And After Photos

Cosmetic surgery is a visual business. We work to alter shape and size, and the changes that take place can be visually stunning. While we all have great memories that never fail to recall the minutest detail, it does help to capture before and after images to document these transformations.

Quality before and after photos are one of the best ways to evaluate the outcome of a cosmetic surgery procedure. They can stand alone as objective measures of results, show pre-existing conditions, and inspire additional self-improvement.

Great before and after photos do not happen by accident. Haven't we all seen a great deal of variety out there? Poor lighting, bad composure, and inconsistent backgrounds are commonly seen. How can you compare before and after images when the perspective differs, shadows obscure, or patient positioning alters the appearance? Standing a patient up in front of a door, or bookshelf, with poor lighting, and no standards for composure, just doesn't cut it.

Excellent before and after photos for cosmetic surgery procedures come about through careful planning, consistent practices, training, and organizational commitment. Without these, haphazard results that don't tell the true story will continue. By the way, great photos don't always mean great results - they just depict a representative portrait of the outcome.

Conversely, you can great results, but poor photos will never be able to document that happy occurrence. Why not take the time to consistently take the best photos, all the time?

At GLOW, we spend a good deal of time organizing our before and after photos, reviewing our standards, training our staff, and monitoring for quality and consistency. We've invested in commercial grade lighting, backdrops, and other equipment. We use standards for distance, stance, and pose. While our photos may not be perfect, they stack up well against others, and are getting better all the time.

Check out our dedicated clinical photo room here at GLOW (just think - you could be photographed here!).

We love taking great care of our patients, and this means taking the time to carefully document our work. Our patients are always welcome to view their before and after photos, and we're happy to provide them as a personal record.

Interested in learning more about our cosmetic surgery before and after photos? Feel free to contact us or drop by.

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