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Cosmetic Surgery And Education

We recently attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery ( annual meeting in Las Vegas. This meeting brings together leading cosmetic surgeons from around the US, and the world, for 4 days of presentations, discussion, and education.

While spending several days in Vegas sounds like a boondoggle at best, our days began at 7 am and lasted past 6 pm, with rarely a dull moment. There were often several equally interesting presentations going on at the same time, making it tough to decide which one to attend.

One of the highlights was Dr. Jean Carruthers’ keynote address on the evolution of botulinum toxin from a treatment for blepharospasm to its continued development as BOTOX Cosmetic, one of the leading cosmetic treatments worldwide. Rarely do you get the background scoop on such a groundbreaking technique!

The sessions on body sculpting (liposuction, tummy tuck, fat transfer), breast surgery (augmentation and breastlifts), and facial surgery (blepharoplasty, browlift, and facelift) were informative and abundantly stocked with great photos, technique pearls, and stimulating discussion. It was also nice to stop by the exhibit hall and see the latest tools of the trade, and get an early look at future developments.

One of the key benefits of this meeting is simply interacting with and learning from colleagues. You just cannot attend these sessions without learning things that will make you a better cosmetic surgeon.

At GLOW, we are committed to continual learning, education, and refinement. This commitment if a key tenet of our desire to provide the best care we can for our valued patients. Last year, we spent over three weeks devoted to continuing medical education – a number we hope to exceed in 2012!