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How To Get Longer, Fuller Lashes

Let’s face it. We all want longer, fuller lashes. This is why there are volumizing mascaras, lengthening mascaras, mascaras with collagen and fibers and whatever else that sounds promising to consumers. The reality is that mascara only puts a band-aid over the issue of less-than-desirable lashes. In fact, mascara is partially the reason why our lashes diminish in length and fullness as we age. So, how can we prevent the demise of our lashes? Well, first of all, we can take better care of them.

Proper Lash Care

If you are anything like me, I get my eye makeup remover and rub my eyes until most of my eye makeup comes off. Or, maybe you don’t even remove your makeup at night. Mascara left on overnight will weigh down your natural lashes, running the risk of lash breakage. The best way to remove your eye makeup is by soaking a cotton pad with eye makeup remover (or baby oil) and gently pressing it on your lids for 15 seconds. This helps dissolve the mascara so that it is easier to remove without the scrubbing that can damage the lashes. If you are currently using water-proof mascara, the risk of damaging your lashes while removing your makeup is higher since it is designed to last longer. Water-proof formulas also tend to dry out lashes.

Eyelashes are essentially hair just like what grows from your scalp. So, as you care for your hair, you should care for your lashes. This is where lash conditioners come into play. Lash conditioners contain proteins and moisturizers that help to strengthen and moisturize lashes. For a more simple approach, you may simply use Vaseline or Aquaphor on your lids at night to obtain the moisture needed to stop breakage so that your lashes can look longer. If you choose to use these, be careful not to get product in your eyes.

If you are an eyelash curler user, avoid pinching the skin on your lids or pulling on your lashes. Investing in a good curler can prevent damage to your lashes. Look for a curler with a smooth metal plate and feel for any sharp or rough edges on the curler.

Finally, DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES. Rubbing your eyes pulls and twists your lashes, breaking lashes at the roots and causing premature fallout. After taking great care of your lashes, you may still not have the lashes you desire. For more dramatic lashes, there are quick fixes and longer-term solutions.

Falsies (false lashes) are available at any beauty supply or drug store. These can be bought in a strip of lashes or small bunches that are placed on the lash bed and held in place with a special adhesive. This is a great solution for the last-minute night out on the town or special photos and can be easily removed by soaking the adhesive in makeup remover or baby oil. For a longer-lasting solution, there are lash extensions. Lash extensions are synthetic hairs that are glued to individual lashes, providing the appearance of fullness and length. Although these last much longer, they also can damage your natural lashes as the extensions begin to fall out. Long lashes in a flash: Falsies and Extensions

Long term solution for long, full lashes: Latisse

Latisse is the only prescription drug that is FDA approved to grow lashes in people with inadequate or not enough lashes. It works by acting like the hormones called prostaglandins. Eyelashes have a growth cycle with four phases: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, and Exogen (when hair falls out). The Anagen phase is when the hair is actively growing. Although the exact way Latisse works is unknown, Latisse is believed to prolong the Anagen phase. Results are seen in 16 weeks. In a case study, 78% saw significant increase in overall eyelash prominence including length, fullness, and darkness. For more information on Latisse, give us a call at GLOW. We have seen great results from patients as well as staff members so we are happy to give you personal feedback.

Now you know how to make the most out of the lashes you have and options to get even more dramatic lashes. Remember, lashes are not only the key to flirting. They provide an important role in the health of eyes by keeping foreign matter out of the eye. So, keep them long and luscious my friends!

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