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Use fat from other areas to enhance your breasts, buttocks, or face!


Use fat from other areas to enhance your breasts, buttocks, or face!

Many women want to lose weight, but are worried about losing their curves. For those who are looking to slim down while simultaneously enhancing their curves, a fat transfer procedure is the perfect option.

A fat transfer improves your overall shape, and in specific cases, can reverse some of the negative effects of aging or weight loss by taking fat from one area of the body and relocating it to another (especially a facial fat transfer).

Those stubborn areas where fat won't come off no matter what you do can actually provide the fat needed to fill out the contours of your face, bustline, or buttocks, making you look younger, healthier, and curvier:

  • If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts, a breast fat transfer procedure is worth serious consideration. Breast fat transfer is less invasive than breast augmentation, and can grant you the curves you desire while slimming down other troublesome areas.
  • Similarly, buttock fat transfer (or Brazilian Butt Lift) uses your own natural body fat to fill out your shape, so there’s no risk of a complication with implants.
  • Facial fat transfer can be a simple solution to the effects of aging, sun damage, or rapid weight loss.

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