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Summertime Sun And The Skin 'Blues'

Those great summertime feelings seem to be slipping away as we contemplate shorter days, changes in the tree leaves, and major congestion around schools mornings and afternoons. Summertime sure is great here in the Bay Area.

I’m sure we all spent a lot of time outdoors, taking in all there is to see and do here. Hopefully, you were able to take some steps to help protect your skin: reduced exposure during the brightest times of the day, a good quality sunscreen, perhaps a hat or light, SPF style clothing.

Despite reasonable efforts, we all get sun exposure. Healthy amounts are good for the spirit and for body. Prolonged exposure over time, along with normal aging, can lead to some of the hallmarks of sun damaged skin: redness, pigmented areas (brown spots or freckles), fine lines, and wrinkles.

Good skin care starts at home, with a simple, effective routine that cleanses, nourishes, protects and renews your skin. Following a routine with effective products that works for you can yield great benefits over time.

Laser treatments can be an effective way to restore sun damaged, aging skin to a more youthful, even toned, and unblemished appearance.

IPL (intense pulse light) treatments target pigmented areas lurking near the surface, causing them to break down and flake off. A gentle laser skin rejuvenation does wonders for fine lines, redness, and enlarged pores. For a more intensive treatment, consider a Fraxel or Smartskin C02 skin resurfacing treatment. These are particularly effective at restoring sun damaged skin, and can take years off of one’s appearance.

While there is no magic bullet in cosmetic surgery or treatments, the use of carefully selected laser treatments for sun damaged skin is effective, safe, and accessible. At GLOW, we offer a range of laser skin treatments, including all of the ones mentioned here, and would be glad to discuss your concerns or goals. To learn more, please visit or feel free to contact us.